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You are free

The most important thing for us:
the freedom of our clients

For Atracción Web the most important thing is the freedom of our customers.

Atracción Web does not charge any kind of maintenance fee for the websites it produces; we are sure that they work and will work. Our analysts will design the content manager to measure your needs, providing for the changes that your website may require, so that you can do them yourself and post whenever you see fit. At the same time, we are attentive and available for changes that seem appropriate or if you prefer not to address those tasks.

Moreover, Atracción Web, does not distribute or market any hosting system of any Internet Service provider.

WE ADVISE our clients and strategic partners to find the hosting plan that best suits the technical requirements of your project, among those offered by the most solvent Internet Service providers in the market, always looking for the best quality service / price ratio, without commercial interests of any kind. Atracción Web not only helps in choosing, but we also accompany our clients during the hiring process and we take care of the commissioning of your web hosting, delivering to the client or collaborator, upon delivery of the website, a report in which all the addresses, user names, email addresses and passwords used in each and every one of the services contracted or used in its construction.

We do not tie our clients to any platform, CMS, web creation system or their predesigned templates.

With this we guarantee the "no dependence" of our clients, being them the owners of all the contracted services, and can, therefore, perform at any time the changes that they consider opportune, without for that it is necessary the intervention of Atracción Web.

Our systems are flexible and are articulated to offer you a comprehensive solution, while being free to choose separately each of our services.






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